AGENDA 2019 and 2020

This agenda includes only the activities of Jacomina Kistemaker and the activities of other professionals, organized by Centro Punta de Couso.

For activities of Jacomina Kistemaker in other places, please open this link:
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Meditational Concerts
with Jacomina Kistemaker
06th of December ’19

27th of March ’20
15th of May ’20 with Joan Patsini
09th and 16th of October ’20
06th of December ’20
Times:     Concert 22 h,  dinner 20.30 h.
Prices:    Concert 15 €, dinner 13 €
Please reserve your place for the concerts and dinners beforehand.
Space is limited.

New year meditations and concerts
11th of January    17.30- 20.30 h.  +  dinner  20.30 h..
12th of January   11.30- 14.30 h.  +  lunch 14.30 h
Very welcome to one of the meditations on Saturday or Sunday.
They are the same.
Price:     Jacomina offers the meditations+concerts for free on these dates.
Lunch/dinner   13 €
Staying the whole weekend:    75 €  Incl. full pension and 1 meditation
Times: from Saturday morning till Sunday, after lunch

Other concerts organized by Punta de Couso
27th of June ’20
  Dhrupad concert of the world famous Gundecha Family
Times:    Concert 19 h.,    dinner 20.30 h.
Prices:       Concert 15 €,     Indian dinner 15 €

Workshops Sound and Personal Growth 

Level I   Introduction to Tibetan singing bowls and voice
912th of April ’20
Times:   9th of April, 20.30 h. – 12th of April, lunch 15.30 h.
Price:     450 €, all included, also the private concert of the 9th of April
1-5th of August ’20   
Times:    1st of August 11.00 h. – 5th of August, lunch 15.30 h.
Price:    550 €, all included, also the private concert of the 1st of August
4-6th of Deember ’20
Times:  4th of December, 20.30 h. – 6th of December, lunch 15.30 h.
Price:     255 €, all included, also the private concert of the 6th of December

In this workshop one learns
– how to choose, play and use the Tibetan singing bowls, and how to take care of them.
– to know, understand and feel the basic principles of the vibrations and sounds of the bowls and how to apply them in the physical and energetic body for oneself and people of one’s inner circle,
– the voice as an healing instrument for oneself.
– presence and listening actively and passively with the whole body, with all the senses,
to the bowls, nature and to the subtle sounds of what’s moving inside the body.

In the mornings the group goes to the nearby beach, or in the group-space, to awaken the voice at sunrise, surrounded by the sounds of nature, and continues with excercises with the bowls. In the afternoons the focus shifts to exercises with the voice and nature, to blend the voice with the bowls and the sounds and energies of nature. Re-discovering, re-encountering with the voice, one’s most intimate instrument, with the authentic voice of each and everyone, in relation and vibration with all there is.  Everybody on its own way, with their own voice.

This workshop is an introduction to sound in close relation with personal and spiritual growth through Tibetan singing bowls, voice, nature and meditation. It’s also an opportunity, and necessity, for professionals to feel and experience the effects of these powerful instruments in themselves before applying them in their professional work.

This workshop is open to everyone who wants to explore the world of vibrations and sound. It’s not necessary to have a musical training or a good ear.
This workshop gives access to workshop level II and the Tam Tam Gong-workshop and is part of the preparation to be able to enter in the Sound Training for Professionals.

Level II  Profundization
Tibetan singing bowls, small Feng-gongs, cymbals/tinghsas and voice

8-12th of August ’20
Times:  8th of August, 11.00 h. – 12th of August, lunch,  15.30 h.
Price:    550€, all included, also the private concert of the 8th of August
6-8th of December ’19
Times:   6th of December, 17.00 h. – 8th of December, lunch,  15.30 h.
Price:    275€, all included, also the concert of the 6th of December

The teachings include the applications of the bowls at the energetic levels (chakras, meridians, aura) and are further deepened with the introduction of small Feng gongs and cymbals/tingshas. These instruments, together with the singing bowls, help to diagnose, clean, balance and recharge the body and energy fields. Energy and body awareness exercises raise the perception of changes on an energetic or physical level and teach the participants how to protect and manage theirselves better on these levels.
Beside the morning-meditations with the deep voice of the Dhrupad-teachings or the monochord-voice-meditations, there will be teachings with the healing voice on a vibrational level for oneself.
To enter in this workshop, it’s required to have participated in the Level I workshop with Jacomina or with other professionals, authorized to give this workshop.
For professionals that want to enter in the Sound Training for Professionals, it’s necessary to have participated in, at least a 1-day, Level II workshop with Jacomina 

Initiation and Profundization together 
1-12th of August ’20
It’s possible to combine both workshops in the summer with a discount in the costs of staying the days in between.

Sound Training for Professionals
14-22th of August ’20
Tibetan singing bowls, gongs Feng, crótalos/tingshas, voice

Times:  14th of August, 11 h. – 22th of August, lunch, 15.30 h.
Prices:  990 €, all included, also the private concert on the 14th of August

This is a different Sound Formation. One doesn’t learn “The Jacomina technique” but the participants will be stimulated to develop their own way of working from their own capacities, experiences and professional knowledge, in combination with sound. There will be new teachings of applications and integrations of the instruments with the voice, silence and new listening techniques. On the days of practice the participants investigate, experiment and create their own way of working, in the presence of the others who receive, observe and comment on each session in the group. In this “sacred” space, there’s an opportunity to open oneself, putting all the jewels and insecurities, doubts and questions on the table, mutually exchanging and supporting the process and the work of each one from the angel of experience of each participant. It’s also possible to practice with giving a “concert” or sound bath, to receive comments and suggestions.
It necessary to have participated in an Initiation (Level I) and at least a 1-day Profundization (Level II) Workshop. There will be a previous interview with each participant with Jacomina before the training.


Thematic Workshops

Workshop Monochords and voice
28-30th of July ’20
Times:    28th of July, 11 h – 30th of July, lunch, 15.30 h.
Prices:    350 €, all included, also the private concert of the 28th of July

– Introduction and teachings how to play and apply 3 different kinds of monochords, all tuned in Do# 432 for music, meditation and healing.
– Finding the harmonics through listening and directly in the instrument.
– Using the voice to resonate with the notes and the body.
– Exploring the effects of 3 different notes the earth creates in its movement through space.
– Practicing with sessions with the different kinds of monochords and voice.
For people interested, there will be a demonstration of changing chords and tuning after finishing the course.
Open for everybody interested in exploring the world of vibrations and healing.
No need for musical training or having a good ear. 

Workshop Big Tam Tam Gongs (70-100 cm) and Voice with Joan Patsini

24-27th de agosto ’20
Times:    24th of August, 11 h. – 27th of August, lunch, 15.30 h.
Price:    440 €, all included

This is a workshop with very powerful instruments where one learns how to control and play with the extremes of the big sounds and silence, and with the subtlety of the harmonics hidden in the different parts of the gongs, whispering in this ocean of sound.
– Choosing a gong, different kinds of gongs and their functions
– Techniques of playing with different professional sticks and flumies and their effects in music and therapy
– Listening and using the gongs as mirrors of the own process, to express and dialogue
– Energetic and physical consciousness as a tool to enter, contact and communicate with the energy field of the receiver, the gong and the player
– Using the gongs for music, meditation and healing and in contact with nature
Necessary to have participated in the Initiation Workshop (Level I), given by Jacomina or one of the authorized persons or in the Initiation to the Healing Voice by Jacomina

The Healing Voice

Initiation Workshop into the Healing Voice
27-29th of March ’20
29-31st of May ’20
Times:    Starting friday-nights at 20.30 h. with dinner and concert – Sunday-afternoons, finishing with lunch, around 15.30 h.
Prices:    245 €, all included, also the public concerts on the first day
16th of July ’19    EXTRA WORKSHOP, intensive of 1 day en PdC
Times:    11 – 20 h.
Prices:    100 €,  lunch included
This workshop gives access to the Healing Voice Training. 

The Healing Voice Basic Training
’20 (only 1 Module)
21th – 26th of July ’20
Times:     21th of July, 18 h. till the 26st of July, 15.30 h. and
Price:      700 €, all included 
8th-12th of October ’20
Times:     8th of October, 18 h. till the 12st of October 15.30 h. and
Price:      700 €, all included

In the Initiation Workshop and the Training
 one explores the voice, the most intimate instrument, mirror and ally in processes of personal and spiritual growth and to reinforce the innate health. The voice in the Body as a sacred path to the Soul. Singing only for oneself, for one’s body, heart and soul. Not to the outer world! In this work one enters from the body level, into the depths of the physical functioning of the voice, that leads to sing without effort, without tensions, re-vitalizing oneself.
One learns different ways of listening to oneself, the other and nature, to direct the vibrations of the voice to specific parts of the body which leads to an increasingly precise body awareness, the “felt anatomy”.
To unveil the true voice there’s no need for perfection, only contacting with the essence of being.
This work can produce a spectacular improvement of the voice in speaking and singing and deep personal proceses in healing on a physical and emotional level.

The introduction Workshop
– contact with the vibrations of the voice in the body
– synchronize the voice with the internal sound, in the group and with nature
– activate the external and internal ear, left and right, harmonics in the voice
– resonate with the larynx, the cervicals and the trachea, physical sensations and changes in the voice
– movement and voice
Accessible for anyone interested in exploring this new approach to song and healing. It is not necessary to have musical knowledge, a good voice, a good ear, or a sense of rhythm.

The Training will include the following themes:
– perception of the voice on different levels of consciousness,
– listening with the whole body and on an energetic level
– the ear, the larynxe and the trachea in detail
– resonance with specific parts of the skeleton
– the supporting arches of our body and our voice
– resonate with the skeleton of the other
– perception of the energy fields of oneself and the other through the voice
– a deeper contact with nature
In order to enter the Training of the Healing Voice, it is essential to have previously participated in a Initiation Workshop of The Healing Voice or in a long workshops where the group has worked with the voice. For whoever is interested in this path, with or without experience with the voice and for professionals.

For more info please, watch the video:

!!!  NEW  !!!
Advanced training of the healing voice: Thematic workshops

03-05th of April ’20    Urinary and reproductive system
14th-17th of May ’20    Healing voice, singing bowls and hangs with Joan Patsini
16th-18th of October ’20    Voice and movement
Times:    From Fridays 17 h – domingos, aprox. 15.30/16 h.
Prices:    250 €, all included for the workshops of the April and October ’20
and 350 € for the workshop of the 14th-17th of May ’20
Máx:    12 participants
Necessary to have participated in the Initiation Workshop and Basic Training of the Healing Voice.

Activities of other professionals, organized by Centro Punta de Couso

I. Tata Quintana
1-3rd of May ’20      
Workshop Voice, Songs and Creative Creation
Times and prices:     350 €
It’s possible to come earlier or stay longer, but that’s not included in the workshop.

More info about this wonderful work of Tata:

Facebook Tata Quintana

Videos Tata in YouTube:

21-23rd of July ’20    Introduction Hang (Level I)
Times:   Tuesday 21st of July, 11 h. –  Wednesday 23rd of July ’20, lunch, aprox. 15.30 h.
Price:   350 €, all included, incl. a private concert on the 21th of July with Jacomina Kistemaker
Máximo:    10 participants

28-30th of August ’20
    Harmonies and Improvisations with the Hang (Level II)

Times:    28th of August, 11 h. – 30th of August, lunch, aprox. 15.30 h.
350 €, all included, incl. a private  concert on the 28th of August with Jacomina
10 participants

The Introduction workshop is an opportunity to experiment with Hangs tuned in different musical scales and to know something more about their history, context, theory and practices of interpretation and musical expression in different musical stylesThe , rhythmic and harmonic (meditation). The aim of this workshop is to obtain a basic knowledge of the Handpan so that you can enjoy playing it, as well as experience the pleasure of creating harmonious music and its different timbres, in a natural way, in a short time. No need for great knowledge, or theoretical studies, this instrument allows anyone to express themselves musically and benefit from the well-being that these sounds provide. At the end there will be a guided jam session where you can enjoy the pleasure of creating music together from all you’ve learned.

For general information or about the Level II workshop,
Or to register: or

You don’t have to bring/have your own Hangpan. They will be provided in the workshop, a Handpan for each participant.

Joan Patsini
Music multi-percussionist, specialized in ethnic, classical music and modern restorer of metal percussion instruments (Tibetan bowls and gongs) and Sound engineer in applied acoustics.

III. Dhrupad Singing with the Gundecha Family from India
23rd-30th of June ’20    Dhrupad Seminar of the Gundecha Family
Times:    23rd, dinner at 20:30 h. – 30th of June, lunch
Prices:   750 €, all included
A weeklong, intensive seminar with singing and rhythms in group- and private classes.
It’s possible to participate less days. The price of 1 day is 120 €, with food and lodging included. The costs will be charged on a full day-base.

The brothers Ramakant and Umakant Gundecha have been pioneers in India and all over the world to share and teach Dhrupad, the oldest spiritual music-tradition of India. In ’18 they received the Sangeet Natak Akademy Award, the highest possible recognition in India in music for their teaching, performing and developing new approaches to Dhrupad. After the dramatic passing away of Ramakant, Umakant and Anakant (Ramakant’s sun) will continue the family-tradition of  teaching Dhrupad in all its precision and splendour.
I highly recommend you to immerse yourself in the experience of a whole week of Dhrupad, to get the most out of it!!!

For information about the content of the seminar, please contact with the organization in India, via or vía
or with Jacomina for all the practical things, reservations, etc. / 0034 607 687 575 in Spain.

27th of June ’20  Dhrupad Concert by the Gundecha Family
Don’t miss this world-class concert, spectacular at a musical, spiritual and energetic level!
Times:    Concert 19-20.30 h. Dinner 20.45 h.
Prices:     15 € concert. Dinner € 13
To reserve:   Isabel, or
986 687 575 / 687 703 502  (Monday-Friday 10-18 h.)


It’s necessary to register for all activities by email or phone.
Facebook-inscriptions are not accepted.
The inscriptions are defenitive after a transfer of 25 % to ABANCA, account nr. ES83.2080.5118.3530 4000 2650 on the name of Jacomina Kistemaker. Please note your name and the corresponding activity. The rest can be paid by bank transfer or in cash at arrival.
For concerts a reservation by telephone or email is enough.
ATENTION:    It’s not possible to pay with credit card. 

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