Centro Punta de Couso Installations

Centro Punta de Couso Installations 2017-12-02T07:21:06+00:00

Two buildings, aprox. 6,000 m2 of land
A cozy, open, clean, flexible and beautiful place designed to support the work.

Main Building

Max. 16-20 people

Ground floor

. Group room: 70 m2, wooden floor and a white wool carpet (removable), meditation chairs, cushions, blankets, mats,
table for altars, chalkboard, projector, excellent stereo sound equipment
. 2 Double rooms behind the group space, with wool carpet
. 2 Bathrooms with showers behind the group space
. 1 bathroom and 1 toilet to share, before the group space
. 2 Double rooms before the group space, with a bamboo floor

Middle floor

. Entrance: small community space with library and cotton carpet
. 4 Double rooms with white cotton carpet
. 2 bathrooms to share


. 200 m2 of terraces
. Rock gardens with herbs
. A small spiral for private meditations or rituals

Second building

Maximum 14-16 people

Ground floor

. Group room: 55 m2 with bamboo floor and wool carpet (removable), creative materials, meditation chairs, cushions, blankets, mats, table to create an altar, tables and chairs for creative activities, board, excellent stereo sound equipment
. Small terrace connected to the group room
. Glass-covered entrance space with stone floor, connected with the group room and a more protected part of the garden
. 2 Baths to share 
. 3 Double bedrooms

Middle floor

. Entrance with small community space, video installation
. Dining room with wood-stove, sound equipment
. Semi-professional kitchen, gas stove and oven, filtered and revitalized water
. 1 Double bedroom
1 Double bedroom with private bath

. 1 Bath to share

Top floor

. 2 Double bedrooms
. 1 Bathroom, shared
. Open space with posibility of max. 3 beds, or for other activities
. Small kitchen


. Big garden with lawn
. 100 m2 of terraces
. Semicircular garden for outdoor exercises
. Stone-circle for rituals


. Construction with environmentally friendly materials
. Central heating, good insulation
. Water from private wells, filtered and revitalized by Agua Viva in both houses, available in all taps
. In the second building, bamboo flooring throughout the house, except in the upper floor (wool carpet)
. Wooden beds, latex mattresses and pillows
. Carpets of wool or cotton


. Spacious lawns and rock jardens with a big variety of herbs and decorational plants and flowers
. Many different spaces for exercises and to contact with nature, with intimate corners to meet, to meditate,
and enjoy the spectacular views and sunrises and sunsets.
. Small private parking lot