Jacomina left Holland in 1990 for a long journey by sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, sailing, and by land, flowing and listening to the call of the winds, the sun, the rain, the snow and some friends.
An experience
 that changed the course of her life.

After returning to Holland for the funeral of her father, she decided to stay in Europe. Wanting to be close to her beloved Ocean, she choose to go to Galicia, Spain, to stay just for a couple of years, to be quiet and alone, to write, paint, dance and deepen her contact with Nature and the SacredIn a brief orientational trip, she deeply connects with the beauty of this coast, the Ocean and Santiago de Compostela.

After returning she begins her search for a place to live in the Peninsula de Morrazo, with a very clear and detailed picture of what she’s looking for. Then, in the 4th house where she rings the door to ask if it’s available to rent for a few years, she encounters a German-Rumani couple, that receive her with open arms. They introduce her to another German and, the next day, bring her to Punta de Couso. “Accidently” someone’s there. They’re invited into the house and shown a holiday home of their nephews, next-door. In 3 days she gets the confirmation she can rent or buy. Delighted to see her vision materialize in just 4 days, she decides to rent for 1/2 year. After a few months of renting, she decides to buy.
A proces with many coincidences that leaves her with a feeling the house has been waiting for her.

It feels like the house is happy with her living there. After three years of neglect, there’s a lot to  repair, update and prepare for the colder seasons. The start of a long proces that gets yet another turn when some friends, therapists, drop by and propose to give a workshop in this fantastic place. This revives an old dream of having a centre near the sea and and puts the creation of Centro Punta de Couso in action. Two lines in Jacomina life coming together, an intense proces of designing, directing and coordinating the building process, living inside a dream coming true, and the integration of her own development expressed in its forms and functions. A real challenge with almost no knowledge of the Spanish language in the beginning!

After 5 years of intensive work in the house and garden, the center was ready. Then, the neighbours, of the same family, put their house on sale. Because of the proximity, Jacomina decides to buy this house as well. The beginning of another intens proces of building and rebuilding. Finally, after 7 years living inside almost continuous reconstruccion activities, there was time again to be quiet, alone, to write, paint and dance, as was her original purpose!

But not for long. The center became operational in ’97 and known, with the help of the description and a picture of the meditation room on the cover the book “Casas con Encanto” of El Pais / Aguilar.
Centro Punta de 
Couso has evolved ever since to one of the most beautiful centres in Spain. Protected and assisted in many ways, Jacomina has been able to realize her dream to share this magical place, where the energy of the place “does half the job.”

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