The closest place of arrival to the center, with frequent communications with the big cities of the region (Vigo, Pontevedra), is the town of Cangas in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia.


  •      fly to Vigo, Santiago or Porto
  •      train to Vigo or Pontevedra
  •      Bus to Vigo or Pontevedra and then to Cangas
  •      boat from Vigo to Cangas (half-hourly and hourly on weekends)
  •      by taxi (there are some regular taxi-drivers that give us a discount from Cangas,                   Vigo or Pontevedra)
  •      by car, motorcycle or bicycle to Rúa Subida a Couso 48-50, Vilanova/Hío, 36945 Cangas, Pontevedra, España
  •      Coordenates GPS: N 42 ° 30 283, 85 503 O 8

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